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Enhance Your Sales Using The Customer Perspective

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Enhance Selling Using Customer Perspective

Admittedly, I am not a salesperson nor do I sell for a living, but what I have always been and will always be is a customer. We often hear about seminars, training sessions, and webinars that focus on how to sell better, faster, and more efficiently, which can be helpful in providing new techniques, but nothing can teach you better than experience. You too are a customer and your customer perspective and experience will make you a better salesperson.
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What Dealerships can Learn from HBO

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What Dealerships can learn from HBO What Dealerships can learn from HBO

Dealerships can learn from the TV show network, HBO, on how to properly adjust Internet Marketing content based on the quality of what is being posted and not on the quantity of likes you receive.

Today, CinemaBlend wrote an article explaining why HBO is cancelling one of its most popular and currently highest rated shows, True Blood. It has made some of its fans scratch their heads (and probably other TV show Programming Director’s) as to why a show with 10 million views per episode would be cancelled?

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13 Fascinating Facts about the Jaguar Brand

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Facts Jaguar Car Brand

The Jaguar brand makes luxury cars that many of us wished we owned. When we see a Jaguar car driving down the road, we automatically stop and stare at its beautifully designed exterior and wish we were seated in the interior. However, there is much we do not know about this fascinating brand that was founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley, in which we are about to discover.

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Turn Dealership Blog Posts from Boring to Share Worthy

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Increase Dealer Blog Post Shares Making your Dealership blog posts informative, creative, and relatable; is a game changer. Get out of the driver seat for a moment and see the world from the backseat, by imagining, as a customer, what you would want to learn more about in or about your vehicle, the brand, or local area and then write it down.

This is much easier said than done, I know, for it is not always easy to put hands to keyboard and write, therefore I have come up with five idea generating ways to help you turn your dealership’s blog around, which will help drive more traffic to your blog and create more shares on your blog posts.
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